Tunic – new EP “Boss” and EU Tour Announcement

On “Boss”, Winnipeg´s Tunic unveil four tracks that continue where last year´s EP, “Disappointment” left off.These songs are nothing but feedback laden filth, pure arty noise punk. Dissonant, yet abrasive, “Boss” is lead by the punishing churns of Rory Ellis’s bass and Sam Neal’s drums, where David Schellenberg’s guitar surgically cuts, hisses and chimes through the band’s unique arrangements. While Schellenberg’s vocals gravelly express a distaste for one’s past. These songs were conceived in a musty room above a cellphone repair shop, but they were honed in basements, warehouses and bars across North America and they will continue to do so through out 2018.

“Boss” will be released digitaly on January 19th 2018 

EU Tour Dates:

09.02. NL-Gouda – Studio Ganz
11.02. FR-Paris – L’Espace B
13.02. CH-Genf – La Makhno In L’Usine
14.02. FR-Marseille – Asile 404
16.02. SP-Vidreres – Bar La Piscina
17.02. FR-Lyon – Le Farmer
18.02. FR-Straßburg – Kawati Studios
19.02. CH-Zürich – Dynamo Werk 21
20.02. München – Kafe Kult
21.02. Hamburg – Hafenklang
22.02. Berlin – K19
23.02. Frankfurt – Klapperfeld

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