Ida Wenøe – New Album Out Now!

“Time Of Ghosts” is out now!
Tonight Release Show in Hamburg + Tour in April!

Like the best of the Nordic Noir leaving the Danish mainland, Ida Wenøe’s recordings are at once both sonically pure and grimy; there’s a shared loneliness that makes you feel that you’re not at all; and all the while there is an honesty to the songwriting that tugs at your sleeve. While her grasp of English is second nature, there’s some of those intriguing turns of phrase that only a heart that dreams in another language can weave: “The deep conceals things that are real/ look beyond the mirror/look beyond the mirror”, “I know we see things differently/as long as it’s not separately” and “You’re a fish in a bottle/a cock in a coop/the essence of trying…”

23.02. Hamburg – About Songs & Books – Album Release Show

04.04. A-Wien – Clash
10.04. Hamburg – Kukuun w/ Linda Rum
12.04. Luxembourg – Konrad Café & Bar
13.04. Köln – Kulturcafé Lichtung
14.04. Kiel – FahrradKino Alte Mu

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