About Dan

Who is Dan?

DanCan-Logo-draft-crop-03Dan is a guy who might look a little weird having an axe in his hand, but normally he is a nice and cool dude. This might change if he doesn’t get what he wants, but let’s not get into this too much…

He was born in Canada a while ago, but moved to Denmark with his parents at the age of 10 – his father is Canadian and his mother is Danish – he kinda grew up in the woods of Sasketchewan and that’s where he has just moved back now. He really hates travelling, but of course is travelling a lot between Canada and Denmark and feels like a DANishCANadian.

He loves music and if people don’t feel the same he can be a little harsh. Even he has already discovered tons of good artists and bands from Canada and Denmark he loves to help them getting their art out. He’s now trying to establish his own label service, of course starting with bands from Canada and Denmark, but he is open to all good bands & artists from wherever they are.

There might be some label services, good & bad, out there already, but it’s never too late and he really wants the artists to feel comfortable with his passion and work and likes to satisfy their wants and needs even they just use him and his service for the first steps – only as long as he can be of any help he is fine, but sometimes when the bands he loves are not getting the attention they deserve he can go a little berserk…

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